Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In Praise of the Balaclava

When it's below 30F, nothing retains head heat like a balaclava.
I misplaced my neck gaiter thingy that I'd normally stretch over my head, which fits comfortably inside my helmet, so I grabbed the next best thing—or so I thought—my son's balaclava. The sizing was a bit snug, but I'm sold on it's design to cover my face and neck! I'll have to unearth my old balaclava—one I've had for 30 years —and adapt it (if I recall it had extra material that formed a widow's peak, partially blocking my vision) for use on the bike.

Between windproof mittens, a balaclava, and Ugg-type boots, I'm learning how to extend my riding season.


  1. What are the ones that cover your mouth and nose called? I am considering one of those, if I'm not to lose this winter to chronic sinusitis. You know what they say: where there's a will, there's a way. I hope it's true. Glad to see you're finding ways to extend your cycling season.

  2. I always use one to cover my chin, mouth and nose when the temps dip below 25 F.

    1. I know I'm behind the times - I've seen cyclists wearing balaclavas - just happy I've discovered their merits!

  3. I will praise the balaclava, but only reluctantly. It brings back too many winter Iowa days of having to walk to school wearing a face mask. My dad didn't want us kids to get frostbite, but man, were those embarrassing! That said, I will wear a balaclava when needed; they can make all the difference in my comfort on winter rides. I also use a beeswax-based balm to help protect my face on cold days, too.

  4. Absolutely necessary in freezing weather. Haven't figured out how to adequately keep the eyes from stinging, though. Glasses just don't do it. Bought some goggles at a Steampunk convention. I may see if they work with an anti-fog cleaner.


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