Thursday, November 6, 2014

Faded Bell Citi Helmet

Helmet is beginning to fade.
I was attracted to the Bell Citi helmet because of it's retro look. It spoke "commuter" to me. And was bright yellow in a world of predominately white helmets. It was also unusual, somewhat motorcycle cop-style, especially with the black brim. Another attraction: back side sports a stiff loop for clipping a light, a feature I often use. My husband had been wearing the Bell Citi for a year and needing a replacement, I tried on his helmet, couldn't locate the style locally, then ordered my own online.

I wished the helmet was offered in various colors, especially orange.
Two and a half years later the helmet has begun to fade. It's no longer bright yellow, but more lemon colored, specifically on top. For an otherwise brilliant design, I'm disappointed with this aspect. I've owned a bright yellow Bell helmet before, which held up for years, including traveling around the world. That helmet never lost its color.

I won't be replacing the helmet anytime soon as it still performs its primary function - protecting my scull. It is, however, a disappointment - not what I expected from Bell.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the colour fading. I only wear Melbourne Bike Share helmets these days.$5AUD, brand new from the nearest 7~11!.
    (they are tax payer funded, so we do sort of 'pay' for them)


    1. Ah, yes, I recall Vicki mentioned that helmets are mandatory in Australia.


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