Friday, November 7, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014 - Sixth Cup

I met a friend for coffee and breakfast at South End Kitchen. The business appears to be hosted by Lake Champlain Chocolates and provides cooking classes, including making chocolate "from bean to bar", home to Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker, and part of Vermont's growing localvore scene. A century ago cows ruled the landscape. Now, craftsmanship is all about specialty products and small farming. It's certainly a boon for our palettes.

To get back to coffeeneuring, South End Kitchen offers interesting fare for lunch and dinner, but a limited menu for breakfast. So, egg sandwiches it was on a chilly morning! Breakfast was just okay—the English muffin might have been homemade, just over toasted for my taste. The cappuccino was nice and beautifully presented, and tasty enough, yet doesn't stack up against Scout & Company's dark, rich flavor.

Warmed and satiated, I said goodbye to my friend and headed along the waterfront. I was pleased to discover the path has been repaved—a two mile segment is under renovations this fall. I'm especially delighted with addition of wider lanes and yellow striping. Cyclists detour to rejoin the path.

But a mile later, I was deterred by more construction. Rats! Lingering foliage beckons me onward, yet signage says culverts are out, with passage impossible. Indeed, a dump truck backs down the bike path beyond the barrier.

I made do with a side trip to North Beach, home of last year's first coffee shop without walls adventure. Blue sky and lake views attract me year round, but are often best in the Autumn when beach parking is closed to automobiles.

Fence line is where bike path resides. Tunnels provide access to campground,
North Beach, high school, and roadway to Burlington's North End.
There are three options when leaving North Beach: bike path, square auto route entrance, or culvert covered pedestrian path.

Guess which way I went, just because?

Just the facts:
The Place: South End Kitchen
Date: Monday, November 3
Drink: Cappuccino
Observation, Bike Friendliness: There is bike parking in front. I was disappointed with breakfast, though I wouldn't hesitate to try other coffee drinks or their specialty chocolate concoctions.
Total Miles: 9


  1. The turning leaves are glorious! I miss those. It's a perfect time of years for coffeneuring, isn't it?

  2. Ah yes. Weather is getting chilly too, perfect for a cuppa to warm my fingers and toes.


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