Thursday, October 23, 2014

Peugeot UO 14 - Adjustable Handlebars

Inspired with the Peugeot St. Laurent's new 5" riser handlebars and their versatility,  I put similar bars on my brother's old Peugeot. I rode for several miles, testing height and set back just to be sure of position before re-installing the Wald basket.

The new bars made a world of difference in terms of width (for leverage on hilly terrain), ability to raise a short stem (common in 1980s bicycles), and dial in a proper height and reach. Reach has been an ongoing problem for me on most of my bicycles - I'm taller than the average woman, riding bikes made for the masses - and I've learned to solve fit issues with versatile handlebars and seat position.

Walmart has stopped offering the Zefal seat for sale.
If only I'd bought two, but who knew?
And, as much as I love the leopard print saddle cover, the seat has got to go. Positioning on the Peugeot is fairly upright, resembling the Ross. I'd like to find the same Zefal seat - or something similar, wider than my other saddles - as it would round out the Peugeot quite nicely.

I still can't fathom how much I'll ride this bicycle. It's strictly a fair weather machine and one I invested little expense and effort in to bring it up-to-date. It does not duplicate what our other bikes can handle in terms of racks and touring potential. That's the beauty of a simple set up. Without toe-clips but with the ability to carry goods up front, on zippy tires, perhaps the Peugeot will fill a niche as an easy going, approachable ride. For visitors. For quick trips to the store, or as an alternative, old school beauty.

Again, squealing brakes necessitated replacement, this time with Grey Matter rubber. However, I can't get rid of my collection of Peugeot metal shoes (Mafac and Shimano). My husband says I'll never go back to metal - they're a hassle to resole and cost a lot more. He's probably right. Yet, I can't get rid of them either. Perhaps they'll make great Christmas ornaments? 


  1. Ok you might find some poor Peugeot enthusiast on eBay that just has to have the stock brake shoes for his/her old bike resto project, hope the grey matters solve your squeak issue.


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