Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014 - Fourth Cup

Hankering for a ride after several rainy days, I set out to check
on our family's summer camp. 
 I decided to dress up for coffeeneuring this time around. Just because.

I also wanted to try out my new floral tights. Multi-colored tights must be all the rage in Italy - my girlfriend bought them on vacation and she presented them to me as part of a birthday gift package at our last Girls' Night Outing. The tights are comfortable, even while riding several miles, though the skirt tended to hike up after a while. Good thing the coat provided adequate coverage.

The best bike parking - visible in front of store.
On the way home from a well-deserved ride after too many wet days in a row, I decided to try Scout's coffee. Scout is a new shop that's sprung up along a main thoroughfare, but book-ended by housing and far from a commercial district. I rather like their location. The shop seems out of place in one respect though, appearing empty behind huge glass panes. Indeed, once inside, the furnishings are industrial and spartan - stools, chairs, a few tables - and could accommodate twice the amount of seating if needed.

I'm giddy over the blue cup and tiny spoon - and that's before I taste the coffee.
More shops should pay attention to tableware and coffee presentation.
I clipped my helmet around bike frame and rack - this time not because I'd forgotten my lock! On the contrary, I could easily keep track of my bicycle from anywhere inside the coffee shop. Now that's my type of bike parking.

I was in the mood for cappuccino. While I waited I wandered along the counter, wishing I had enough cash to try a scone or muffin, I stumbled upon a man holding a two gallon ice cream carton. I started reading a listing of interesting flavors, "corn with lavender, caramelized walnut, etc."

"Do you make your own ice cream?" I asked. I suddenly remembered patrons eating ice cream cones at outside seating this past summer, though with brisk autumn weather, cold treats were the furthest thing from my mind.

"Yes, we do. Wanna sample?"

That's how I tasted the aforementioned flavors. Bike riding and ice cream go together like, well, bike riding and coffee. Or, better yet, bike riding and coffee ice cream (I salivate over mocha chip). I will certainly return to Scout to eat a dish of ice cream at some point.

The cappuccino was very smooth, dark, and arrived in the cutest blue cup with saucer. Coffee tastes better when presented in charming glass or ceramic dishes. If a shop only serves coffee in paper cups they lose a notch on my coffeeneuring scale.

I wonder: would Scout consider indoor bike parking? They have the space.

Just the facts:
The Place: Scout & Company
Date: Friday, October 24
Drink: Cappucino
Observation, Bike Friendliness: Highly visible bike parking. A neighborhood coffee shop away from the commercial fray ranks high on my coffeeneuring list. 
Total Miles: 12


  1. I enjoyed the great report. I must agree that ice cream fits in there nicely with bicycles and coffee. And your dress up plan? It might have just inspired me to dress up in my Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour clothes for one of my remaining coffeeneuring outings. Well done!

    1. I'm trying to have fun with coffeeneuring this year, otherwise I I'm afraid the challenge lost it's luster for me otherwise. I live in an area that overflows with coffee shops, so thus dressing up, photographing changing leaves, and brew ups at parks will hopefully keep the challenge fresh. Oh, I'd love to see you in three speed garb on a coffeeneuring outing..

    2. Nice write-up and love the tights! Has the challenge lost its luster for you for a particular reason, or is it just a matter of doing it for consecutive years? Just curious... In any event, I'm happy you are finding ways to keep it fresh for you.

    3. It's not a challenge because of our abundance of coffee shops, though if you've noticed I put my own spin on it to make it fun. And yes, possibly two years in a row is too much for me. However, it does get me out of the house...The errandonnee is a huge effort for me because of how cold it is here in February (icy too!) - now that's a real challenge!

  2. Inside-bike-friendly is like the next level. I'm trying to think if any coffee shops in my area go that far. I feel like there are a couple. I have to try to remember them. I agree about the ceramics--if I say "for here" then ceramic should come back to me.

    1. We have one such coffee shop - Maglianero. I'd love to see more...

  3. Great report. Those tights are utterly sublime!


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