Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oh, the Autumn Color!

Friday morning is brisk but also sublime. River valleys are ablaze in color - indeed, this is nature's last hurrah.

Checking out North Beach for possible Coffee Shop Without Walls setting.
Could I be lucky enough, second time around, to encounter as lovely skies?
It's a great impetus to get outdoors...

...before glorious leaves are but a puddle.

There are lots of yellow and orange colors, with sumacs a stunning red...

...and evergreens for contrast.

A perfect marriage all together atop dark tree trunks.

At the Winooski River I detour to check out a pocket park. A fisherman is transferring his poles and tackle to the picnic table.

It's a different vantage point. Usually, I'm buzzing across the bridge, listening to the boards rattle under wheel.

It's good to shake things up, so-to-speak, insuring common routes remain fresh and pleasurable. In fact, I'd forgotten about this sign. Soon it will be completely covered in leaves, and eventually snow.

Looking back towards the bridge, I noticed an old utility pole and wondered if it dates back to when the railroad was in use. Funny how I'd never noticed it before.

Leaves collect atop the bridge arches...

...and pool on the decking.

Further south as I pedal over the barge canal, I delight in new rail decoration: stenciled autumn leaves!

Lake level is unusually low. There are sand bars everywhere. I spy Canadian geese and something else.

I push my bike across the sand...

...and I'm pretty sure people have been stacking stones on a rocky ledge. They look like little monuments.

There is an ending to this bike ride. It involves coffee, of course, Words for another time...

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