Thursday, October 16, 2014

Coffeeneuring 2014 - Second Cup

Indian Summer snuck up on us, along with intense windy days. I grabbed my mesh sack, already packed with mug, stove, matches, and utensils, added requisite liquid and drink of choice, then set out for Wheeler Park.

The treehouse is a smaller version of the granddaddy treehouse I strolled through last year. though built around a dead and not living tree. However, the location is beautiful, with views of the surrounding flower and vegetable gardens. Until recently a birch bark tepee was a neighbor, and it's hard to beat the stupendous hillsides awash in color with Green Mountains as purplish-blue backdrop.

I wonder how long the foliage will last with these windy days!

I roll my bicycle aboard, delighted to find a picnic bench. I tuck away my gloves and headband, keeping an eye on my belongings, lest they tumble off the platform. Clearly, I won't be cooking atop the table!

Bottles anchor the table cloth: Silly Cow Farms hot chocolate and milk.

Hunkering on the floor, I light the stove twice - it's a difficult prospect, and in fact I give up after a while, knowing the chocolate is lukewarm, but it's drinkable. I hadn't though to bring a windscreen nor wanted to cook beneath the treehouse, spoiling the ambiance.

I wrap an extra bandana around my head to harness the fly-away hair.
Just the facts:
The Place: Wheeler Homestead Park, South Burlington
Date: Monday, October 13
Drink: Silly Cow Farms hot chocolate
Observation, Bike Friendliness: A bright tablecloth (a bandana) lends class to a Coffee Shop Without Walls outing.There's always bike friendly parking when you brew your own drink!
Total Miles: 6

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