Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Big Crank

I fell in love with this huge artistic sculpture - and what bicyclist wouldn't - on a busy Burlington Street. There are other metal behemoths  too: a human-sized wing nut and three 8-foot high entwined nails (yes, the type carpenters' hammer into wood).

All outdoor art pieces are part of South End Art Hop, Burlington's South End celebration of artists' studios. Eat and drink your way down a mile long corridor of businesses. Get tickets to watch a recycled art fashion show (I've heard this one is freaky, creative, and fabulous), or meander for hours visiting numerous artists' studios and exhibits. It's often an eclectic mix - all part of the fun. My boys loved Barbie heads in a gumball machine; their headless torsos later displayed in an antique fortune teller machine.

Imagine the size of the bike?

I couldn't resist inspecting this beauty up close.

A freewheel in the cougar's thigh is only one bicycle part of many included in this spectacle. If you have a spare 5,000. this big cat could be yours!

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