Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ice is Nice Ride

Spring fever was evident. Kids were running around, screaming. I saw a guy ripping dead stalks from his garden. Dog walkers, bike riders, an inline skater smashed through remaining slushy covered bike path, almost dangerously. If truth be told, I wondered whether skating with a leashed dog was the smartest idea.

It's easy to cut everyone slack today. Let's face it, 55F sunshine feels pretty good. So good that my husband and I got out for our first ride together. We admired the Winooski River as we pedaled along the Intervale. The river was open water in places, however as we neared the mouth where it meets Lake Champlain, winter weather still held an icy grip. The lake looks frozen over all the way to New York.

Looking westward, ice still covers Lake Champlain. At right, Winooski River bridge.
We took a chance and pedaled the waterfront trail towards downtown. On Tuesday the trail had been impassable, yet 6 days later it's 99% clear. We dodged elderly walkers, youngsters learning to ride a bike, lots of adult riders, and runners. I noticed 15-20 people picnicking at North Beach on the sand near the icy lake. It's been such an unusually cold winter nationwide. Since my husband and I returned from the Northwest 18 years ago, we've seen the lake freeze over twice and it's never remained frozen in April. It sure makes for an usual spectacle, especially because it's now comfortably warm enough to enjoy a bike ride.


  1. Gosh, you still have ice?! Hope your winter is banished for good, very soon.

    1. It's an oddity to still have ice on our lake, but I suspect with today's rain the remaining snowbanks and lake ice will break up. Apparently the Great Lakes froze over also this winter. You got the rain: we got the deep freeze...


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