Friday, April 4, 2014

Big Melt, Ice Jams

In two days the snow has receded quite a bit. Some fields are bare; some fields have a few inches of snow. Our neighborhood has 3 foot snow banks yet one clump of daffodils in my south facing garden has fat buds ready to open. 

If the ice jam isn't cleared soon the water above will render the driveway I ride
 on impassable, and in worse case, wash the road out.
Standing water floods many fields. Some drain into rivers, swelling creeks; others gush through culverts or back up against ice jams. The jam in the photo above will take a while to clear, or owners will call a service to force flush the blockage. Fortunately, the water currently has an another outlet, flowing into an alternate culvert on the right, out of view in the photo.

For now I pedal on, lifting my feet as I splash though puddles. What glorious sunshine!

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