Friday, October 18, 2013

Excitement Over New Tools

Wire cutters and Allen key collection purchased from my local hardware store.

Not every woman gets excited about tools. Or has her own toolbox. But for this do-it-yourselfer, well-made tools are the difference between frustration and efficiency. With a recent purchase, I can now cut cables without leaving sharp, frayed ends. Grip and snip. Place end cap, crimp. Done.

And how about those tough to reach places on your bike where multi-tool Allen keys can't do a proper job? I'm thinking of those difficult tasks like tightening racks where they attach to a  frame. Ever tried that with a multi-tool? Forget it. Plus, wrenching at home is much easier with single Allen keys. There is more torque—perfect for someone without strong hands.

Little by little I've invested in my own set of trusted tools. And the best thing? I know right where they are.

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