Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pillow Talk

Orangey circles with sagey green background -- very hard to photograph.
Surprise, surprise! I discovered this flannel remnant at my local fabric store.

Happy ending: a new case for my camping pillow. And—oh happy day—I have fabric left over. Should I line a handbag, a basket, sew a hankie?

I also created a better stuff sack. I may take this pillow along on a week-long tour in September. Or not. If I run out of baggage space, I could leave the pillow behind, but tote the case. That way I can have the soft flannel beneath my head and garments can double as filling.

I love it when I weave style, fabric, bicycles, and camping—my favorite things—into my life.


  1. Great stuff Annie....Super pattern for a camping pillow for those cycle touring trips...I'm jealous!!

  2. Hi Annie!

    So awesome. I could learn a few tricks from you. Like...
    How did you make that stuff sack/ materials? and what is inside of your pillow fabric? I'm in need of this!

    Thanks so much

    1. Stuff sack is made of ripstop fabric. It's strong. Most tents are made of this fabric. I copied the existing stuff sack pattern. It has a round bottom. Original used a drawstring closure with cord lock. My stuff stack came out a bit too small for that type of closure so instead of redoing it, I improvised with plastic hook that catches on black strap. My primary objective: stuff the pillow into a small package,

      I bought the pillow at a campground store a few years back. However, I know it's made of fiberfill, which you can get at any fabric or craft store. I took out some of the fill because the pillow was too thick for my taste. It's highly compressible and lightweight material.

      Sew away...and let me know what you come up with.


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