Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Canadians Love Burlington and Lake Champlain

David and Genevieve (Simone, and Emile - not pictured) visit from Montreal.

Thanks to lots of Burlington adulation from Adventure Cycling, 50 Places to Bike Before You Die, and wonderful cycling map for do-it-yourselfers, touring around Lake Champlain has become quite popular. It's no great surprise then that Burlington—largest city on the circuit—sees its share of travelers.

Prior to welcoming a Canadian family into our home for two nights, in one day I spied three sets of bike tourists. I became an impromptu embassador to one Canadian group without hotel reservation, leading them to a less expensive hotel. But, I presume if you asked them afterward if they'd known what a long hill they'd had to negotiate—I warned them!—they might've sprung for waterfront living. I was further amazed at their touring rig, comprised of two adults powering a tandem, plus hauling a handicapped adult in a trailer. After 112 kilometers, they must've been exhausted!

Watching a family of four getting packed and ready to leave -- no small feat!

Thanks to Warm Showers Organization we host a variable amount of cycle tourists each year. In mid-August a family of four arrive for two nights. After a day spent around Burlington they prepare to set off mid-morning.

David adjusts baggage while his 3 year old daughter does likewise.

Simone packs doll and later helps her baby brother.

Emile gets into all kinds of trouble.

We keep him amused. Boys love wheels. There is no shortage of boy toys in our garage.

All packed and ready to go, we wish them a safe journey.

Heading north for their three day ride back to Montreal.

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