Friday, July 12, 2013

1983 Peugeot UO 14

My brother handed his bicycle to me a couple years ago. I was sad that he didn't plan on riding anymore, yet thankful to be the lucky recipient. The bike's been in dry storage since day one, had a tune up 5 years ago, and has minimal miles. How lucky can I be?

I like the square fork crown and  "S" marked shift levers. Dig those lugs!
After three years of searching for the perfect step through bike that fits, I'm ready to move on from my current Ross iteration. It's time I reassess the Peugeot. With cursory clean up: rinsing dirty tires, wiping dusty parts, oiling steel frame, I've fallen in love with the Peugeot's classic looks. But, of course, I'm partial to 1980's bikes. Like my other rides, this one has clearance for fenders. And, I happen to like downtube shifters. My Miyata is the same.

These brakes are new territory. But, like everything else on this bike, the brakes look easy to adjust, easy to replace worn pads.

The plastic head badge came off in my hands. It's chintzy, but the lion logo must be reattached, for better or for worse, once I discover the proper way to do it.

Weinmann square-edge rims. They remind me of Araya MB rims that I've had on many
of my bikes. Beautiful. Derailleur isn't original, nor the ugly gel seat missing
 its lycra cover.
I know a quality middle of the road bike when I see one. I have plans for this 12-speed: fenders, upright bar, rack. However, before I get ahead of myself, I will explore the fit. I've learned that much from riding the too small Ross. The Peugeot is a 20" frame compared to my 21" Miyata and—while I don't see this as a deal breaker—the ability to raise the stem is critical.

This bike is in great condition. The frame has nary a scratch—Thanks, bro!

For original specs, visit the catalog. See a reconditioned UO 14 on Ten Speed Gallery.


  1. Nice, and looks like you can easily fit comfortable tires and fenders if you like.

  2. wowee~lucky you.Those old Peugeots had really handy lugs for fitting front and rear carriers.I know what you mean about raising the handle bars.I've re-fitted both of my Peugeots with long Nitto stems from Harris cyclery. You will probably need to shave 0.1mm off to make them French sized. An easy job if you have a good file and half an hour. As JRA says, you can fit some fenders and chubby tyres,and you'll be cruising in style.Can't wait to see.


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