Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bike Camping Dreams...

Nice Shimano hubbed rear wheel has many miles left. It's wonderful when
 a LBS can source decent  used components, if you don't want to fork
 over a huge amount of money for repair.
I picked up the Trek today. The good people at Old Spokes Home located a used Mavic rim with Shimano hub rear wheel. It's a comparable replacement to the existing worn wheel and saved me cash. They also drilled out both valve stem holes to accept Schraeder tubes. It's nice to have this bike operable and dependable again, just in time for an upcoming bike overnight.

If weather cooperates during a slim window of opportunity next week, I'm returning to central Vermont. I'd like to ride to a state park, camp overnight, then hike a trail to the top of a mountain, before looping back to Montpelier for a bus ride home. However, the weather forecast is not looking good. We'll see. At the very least, it's a route I can revisit and explore another time.

Front rim drilled to accept Schraeder tubes.

Rear rim drilled to accept Schraeder tubes.


  1. Did Old Spokes Home explain that "Presta is Besta" before they drilled? Of course, you can still use a Presta tube with the rims.

    1. I made the decision to go back to Schraeder without any influence. Since I needed a new rear wheel anyway, they suggested also drilling the front rim. I didn't know this was an alternative until presented! I'm thrilled to have Schraeder tubes again. The mechanics at Old Spokes Home are really good at listening to what the customer wants and coming up with a satisfactory solution without steering you down a road you'd rather not ride.


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