Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ring the Bell!

I noticed these bells in a shop window—and it wasn't in a bicycle store either, which made it all the more curious. It's another sign that bikes are entering the mainstream. While the red Bike Alarm bell would coordinate well with my Trek, I rather like the Free Parking message., black, and white are my Ross's current colors...and it is my commuter bike...saving a parking space.

It's so easy to justify new bicycle accessories!


  1. I used to have to fill up my car about every eight days, which would now cost some ginormous amount of money. I have sometimes thought, though, that I could stop by the LBS and purchase bike accessories with that money every eight to ten days instead, and imagine what my bars, and add-on accessory bars, and every mount point on my bike, would look like covered in penguin bells and advocacy stickers...makes me smile.

    1. Hey John, I'm proud of you for giving up that car and never looking back. We're working on going to a one car family also. It's tricky here in Vermont when it's pretty rural. I walked with my hubby this morning in-10F weather to see him off on the bus. I drove to work. But, I can only imagine what that extra cash would buy for accessories. I've dreamed of a Velo Orange rack, canvas panniers, cork ergo grips, leather bar tape, Brook's saddle, etc. and, of course, that ultimate girly bike


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