Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swayed by the Label

I can't resist wine labels with images of a bicycle. I also figured I couldn't go wrong with a Cabernet from Chile. Boy, did I make a mistake! The vintage stung my palette—not exactly smooth. But I can't toss wine down the sink unless it's turned to vinegar. I got through the bottle. However, I will never buy that brand again.

Who else is influenced by two wheels on a label?


  1. If anything has 'two wheels' on it then I'll be a sucker for it...Stupid I know, but in some ways it makes the choice of anything much simpler....


  2. Annie B! You could have put it in the stew!

  3. I've bought several bottles of wine just because they had a bicycle on the label, including this same one you bought. I never bought a second bottle for the reasons you mention.

  4. Bought some ravioli from Trader Joes that had a badly-drawn bike on it. Not bad (the pasta, that is.)

  5. Me and not just limited to food or beverage. Clothing is another one. Trying to use a little more restraint now.


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