Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Peak Foliage, Right on Time

A week ago I went on a car trip with my family to central Vermont.

We walked for three miles along a dirt road, soaking up the foliage.

The following day, we cruised over Appalachian Gap, hitting the peak colors at about 1500 feet in elevation. The Autumn spectacle is right on time. Last year it was 3 weeks late after a generously warm September and October.

A five mile drive up the Camel's Hump road ended with an overflowing parking lot. Columbus Day weekend is optimal opportunity, it seems, for hikers to be out in hoards. But can you blame them?

We opted for a little used trail, but that still was busy, though we enjoyed our hike up to Montclair Glen Lodge on the Long Trail.

Afterward, the ride back through Huntington was lovely too, though I noticed that the colors were subdued.

A week later, I am astounded at the change in the Champlain Valley. This was my view, from a bike seat, near the Winooski River. More photos to come soon.

Can you tell that this is my favorite time of year?


  1. That last one would do as an entry in my contest, you know.

  2. The Winooski River is older than the mountains around it, which is quite something to consider while gazing at coloring leaves, those harbingers of seasonal change and the passage of time.

  3. Nice set of images...
    I agree with Rantwick concerning that last image. I've not found any trees good enough to enter yet...


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