Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Partners

Lately, commuting has been full of wonderful trees as partners.

And then there are the human variety. Colleges are back in session. Students practice on roller skis, dreaming of the first snowfall.

As I cruise through campus, I've noticed more students on bikes. They move by grandpa-sized softwoods—of which there are many—with spacious lawns as backdrop. I'm waiting for their full glory to take portraits.

South Burlington's urban sprawl protected some large stock, building bike paths alongside neighborhoods.The wide girth of this beauty spreads leafy branches over me as I pedal by.

Early color in the Champlain Valley is comprised of these lacy-leafed trees casting golden hues...

...and royal carpets. I whoosh through a yellow-brick road.

I consider this birch bark tepee a friend. I've watched its construction in a community garden, from initial poled framework to successive layers of bark. I ducked inside recently, confirming it's soundness. It's not large, but if I was passing through on a bike tour, I'd be tempted to dash in there near dark for shelter.


  1. Nice birch bark tepee, my tribe did not use them but we built simular structors for when we were on the move. good post.

  2. This looks so familiar! The trees are on fire here too, but not from the forest fires that raged over the summer. Love the golden light and showy leaves of fall!


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