Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bar End Wrap Conundrum

Since I've been rockin' the Trek Antelope for the past month as my daily commuter, the bar end wrap eventually unraveled to the point where it's become a nuisance. I've always preferred padding, even when wearing gloves. I hang on the elongated ends for a good share of my ride, so fixing them has become a necessity. Besides, with the cold weather coming I wanted the extra insulation between hands and metal.

Right bar end wasn't in bad shape. Note the brake lever grips.
I love these. I wonder if I can buy these again; they're getting thin.
At one time my husband used a neoprene-type of tube, which slipped over the end like a normal bar grip. I couldn't find one in my local bike shop. As it turns out people don't seem to use bar ends that much anymore. I had to think about a solution. New bar tape might be a waste again and with normal wear and tear, I'd be replacing it in a year.

Trek Antelope, sporting new bar end grips and new mirror.
Ta da! I dug in our parts stash and came up with foam grips. They slipped on with ease. Of course, a longer variety would work better, but I've positioned them where I commonly grasp the bar.

I also removed the old Rhode Gear mirror (see first photo.) I got tired of constantly turning the thing into viewing position; it has a tendency to swivel on bumps. The Velcro-type fastener is falling apart, another reason why it pivots. Also from the bike gear box, I found an extra Bell mirror. I use this same style on the Ross. I like it's simplicity and that it tucks beneath the bar, out of harms way. (For other mirrors I use see this post.)


  1. All looks pretty smart on the bike....


  2. My inner Retro-Grouch had to resist the urge to shout, "Shellac."
    Oh, heck with it!



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