Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lauren's Bridgestone MB-2

A while back reader, Lauren, sent in these amazing photos of a 1985 model she "found" at her local bike shop.

The logo.

Interesting handle bars.

Original tires. I imagine she'll replace those, but it shows how little the bike was ridden.

The inside of the rims are anodized in gold color. That's pretty unique.

Love those wide forks that can accommodate fenders.

The frame is in impeccable condition.
In Lauren's own words:

Anyway, like I said, I was sitting at my desk at work last Thursday and around 1:13pm I said, "You know, after work I'm going to sell my road bike.  The road biking scene isn't for me, and I want a grocery fetcher."  Just like that.  (I've got two single speeds in the bike stable, and then I had that road bike).  So I take it in to my LBS a few hours later and as I hand it over to them to appraise, I see a bike that catches my eye.  Now, people don't go to an LBS to find a quality used Bridgestone anymore than people go to the grocery store thinking they'll come home with a soul mate, but oh em gee, as the kids say.  The color of the bike drew me in, and when I wheeled it out from its rack and realized what it was, I about fell over.  Not only was it the exact type of bike I wanted, but it's an effing Bridgestone!!  In excellent condition!  The TIRES are original.  I'm probably going to swap them out, as I'm not necessarily comfortable riding on tires that were manufactured before Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's (they may not be that old, but the joke works so you gotta gimme that one), but just the principle of it astonishes me.  I mean, this bike is almost as old as me, and likely in much better health than me.  Unbelievable.

For more specifications on Lauren's particular model, refer to this Bridgestone catalog.

*I will be unplugged for the duration of my adventure


  1. Hey Ms Bikes. To me, this bike is relatively obscure so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled from now on,whenever I attend the fyxo swap meet.



  2. Wow..That certainly was a good find.


  3. Suh WHEET find. You don't see many lugged MT Bike frames and that one is gorgeous. Grant P loved those handlebars so much he brought them back to Rivendell as the Bull Moose ( Enjoy your cool new ride


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