Friday, August 31, 2012

The Mouse Mailbox

Just this week I've noticed the drone of cicadas, the waning afternoon light, and swallow tail butterflies drifting around the cedars outside my workplace window. It reminds me that fair time is just around the corner. Nearly sweater weather. My favorite month is almost here. Now is the lull before early morning franticness descends upon our household with both kids attending different schools. I'm going to savor this last week before I leave, go to a museum with our children. Chaos begins soon thereafter, especially for my husband who fills Mom and Dad duties while I fly the Atlantic, faster than any non-motorized bird.

Last week, listening to the loud August cacophony, I cruised the dusty dirt road to work and stopped at these mailboxes, delighted that this funky Mouse Mail box finally made its appearance. You see, it was my idea, but with my boss's execution. They'd often found nests inside their mailbox with half eaten envelopes as presents. Jokingly, I suggested they build a little mailbox for the mouse. Well, they ran with that idea, aided by their granddaughter's color choice.

Swiss cheese wedge styles the knob and flag. If you look underneath the box there is a hole with pipe cleaner ladder. Any gymnast rodent can surely find his way inside.

*I will be unplugged for the duration of my adventure.

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