Friday, August 17, 2012

Squash & Panniers - An Unlikely Couple

I am often the recipient of nature's bounty. I get tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini. I do put my foot down on baseball bat-sized zucchini though; it can't be longer than 16". My cheapo Delta panniers have withstood all kinds of loads—veggie runs included. I'm impressed. These are the same panniers I will take with me to France. After a couple short tours with them, I know they'll be adequate. They could stand a wash, especially after several years of commuting. That's next week's project, plus I'll blast them with waterproof sealant. 

One yellow squash fit inside one bag. The other looks like a nose sniffing for his lost friend.

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  1. Hi Annie, I picked 6.5lbs of wild plums while out on a cycle ride today. Natures bounty, I'll have to make jam I think.


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