Thursday, August 16, 2012

Downhill all the Way

Photo credit: Edward Enfield
I love this whimsical drawing. This guy is clearly enjoying his ride through back roads filled with sunflowers. I also like his minimalist approach, with leather pannier, baguette sticking out behind, and a little duffle bag up front—it's all one needs to enjoy a trip on two wheels.

Photo credit: Edward Enfield
Though I'm taking Downhill all the Way along with me on my trip I couldn't resist a peek inside. But I shouldn't I found I started laughing right away. It's Mr. Enfield's account of cycling the width of France, and as he puts it, from Le Manche to the Mediterranean. It was hard to put down. I scanned the book to get a feel for the prose. It's chocked full of these delightful illustrations too. It'll be very appropriate for our lady trio to read while we're pedaling, but the only problem is: it's too short. I'll bring another interesting novel—if I have room. Fortunately, Edward Enfield has written many other cycling books. I'll keep this author in mind.

One week until departure...

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  1. It's certainly a good read....his other books are pretty good too. A good choice I would say......



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