Friday, August 10, 2012

Did You Know...about the Gold Bike?

I can't imagine getting this baby dirty. Photo credit:

Just when I thought I'd seen everything, along comes this ornate specimen: a gold bike with crystal lugs. Whoa. It's pretty flashy. Not my idea of a practical bike, but that's not its intent, I'm sure. I don't suppose you'd take it out for a spin, even on the Olympic oval. But...if someone said to, well, how could I resist?

So, who buys a bike like this: the eccentric, the well -to-do, a collector? I guess if you've exhausted your charity allowance, why not purchase extravagance, especially if you're a bike aficionado?

 How utterly divine...Photo credit:

The back-story: this limited edition track bike is by Aurumania, a Scandinavian design company who uses gold on functional items to create an exquisite, ethereal effect. This is their first product. One of ten has already sold. Really. More story at

So if you have a spare 80,000 Euros, go for it. With the Euro's current exchange rate and lagging U.S. economy, who knows...investing in gold and crystals might be the next best thing.


  1. I HAVE seen that thing, or something similar. On bikesnob, I think.

    I think riding it would be sick (good sick) and hanging it on a wall would be sicker (bad sick).

  2. It's beautiful! I wouldn't hang one on the wall though, Id like to see them ridden.

  3. Bill Haley probably said it best "Crazy Man Crazy"


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