Friday, June 1, 2012

Bebop-a-Rebop, Rhubarb Pie!

I couldn't resist...strawberry rhubarb pie. Without a box it takes the right touch and tension with a bungee cord to strap the tin to the rack. Pull too tight and it crushes the crust. Leave it loose and it ends up as upside down strawberry rhubarb crumble. I'm not a novice at this sort of thing. I've hauled pastry home before. Since I arrive at the house well past, I thought I'd surprise my family. My husband makes dinner and I contribute dessert and a handful of fresh-picked buttercups. Seems fair to me.

Have you ever carried pies on your bike? And, if so, how do you manage?


  1. Yes, that seems a completely fair division of labour. I haven't tried pies, but, I'm a dab hand with pizzas on bike racks.

  2. I haven't carried pies, but I have carried boxes of chocolate for my sweet in a similar manner. Perhaps a purpose-made bicycle pie carrier could be fabricated...

  3. I haven't done this but now I have a mousetrap style rack I may, though I think I would need a strap as well to make sure it did not fall off the side. The pie looks delicious!

  4. Pie looks delicious. No I've never carried pie and have a feeling it wouldn't have ended well if I had.


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