Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 National Bike Challenge
A commuting acquaintance stopped me a few weeks ago and asked me to join his Endomondo Team for the National Bike Challenge. I was already a member, alerted by our local bike advocacy group. So it wasn't a big stretch to get on a team. We're currently #4 for Vermont, registered as CatClimbers. We are the team in the image above, highlighted in green. I haven't asked where the name comes from. We're doing well, thanks to our leader who averages 40 miles a day—holy macaroni!

What I like about this program is it recognizes the frequent cyclist, adding 20 points for every ride with all miles included (commute, recreation), no matter how short. Additional points are gained from mileage. And for some strange reason Vermont is #1 with Wisconsin in 2nd. I think our large attendance is because of publicity. Word gets around here fast. So I challenge the other states out there. Come on, Portland, Oregon, you certainly could blow us out of first—where are you?

While this has been fun for me, it's not for everyone. In the grand scheme it's better to hop on a bike; whatever your speed, whatever your style; and go for a ride. That's what really counts.

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