Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunset Riding

Sometimes the sunsets on the lake are awe-inspiring. I was on a jaunt with the family. We took time to admire the view. For once, I didn't color correct the photo.

And a few minutes later, my son took two spectacular shots with his iPod.

Wow. I just had to share our gorgeous evenings on Lake Champlain.


  1. When my Dad was a boy in the winter of about 1935 He made a small sail that He could hold with his hands.
    With his sail in hand and ice skate on He went out on the lake. He was ice sailing along having a great time.Eventually He realized He had gone quite a distance. Now He had to head home into the wind. He told me it was a long and exhausting walk. He said at times He wanted to just lay down and rest. But He knew if He did that would be his end. You can imagine my mental picture of the frozen wilderness of Lake Champlain when my father told me this story when I was a boy. It is nice to see what a beautiful place it really is. Cheers

    1. Hi Hugh. Yes, the lake is quite lovely. Now there are kite boarders, those crazy people that strap a snowboard type contraption on their feet and harness into a parasail. I saw them jump waves a week ago from this same bridge.

      In the winter there are ice boarders, same idea. It's a modern idea of what your dad used to do.

  2. Spectacular colors! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. These are beautiful Annie. I'm missing Alan's (of EcoVelo) beautiful sunset shots. So this was a nice surprise.


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