Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Warm Winter's Ride

Our winter is downright weird this year. One day it's 25F and the next day it's 45F. Not that I'm complaining too much; it means I can cycle for errands and pleasure on the weekends.

For contrast to the previous post, here is a warm day's adventure.

 At 6.5 miles, heading north on the waterfront path.

My feet are toasty with wool socks and hiking shoes.

I cross the mouth of the Winooski River and take a break to view the ice.

Lake Champlain freezes completely across only once every ten years now, whereas when I was a child it was common to drive on the ice and fish or "do donuts" as my dad used to call it, fishtailing the vehicle in a circle. My husband has memories of being late for church because his dad was responsible for driving all five children there, but well, the chauffeur got sidetracked by the pull of the frozen lake The kids loved it, of course. These days, only iced-over rivers capture our imagination.

I went on a 16 mile loop north of Burlington because the day was so balmy. Pedal on.


  1. There is still a beauty in a frozen winter ride. I love your shot of the frozen water under the bridge.

  2. Thanks for taking us for a ride on that bridge. The weather sure has been unbelievable for riding this winter. Glad you're getting out there and enjoying it. I haven't been able to get out much this winter, so it's nice to stop by here and see that you're still riding.

  3. That bridge at the start of your video is very impressive, I can see why you like it. And it looked like there was ice on the path after that too, I have never ridden on ice and probably never will, living in Australia, I could not imagine it.


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