Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On Ice

Despite the the warmer than normal winter a cold snap descended upon Burlington just long enough to freeze the shoreline. What started as a family walk along the bike path turned into a fun adventure on ice.

This isn't our usual way to get to the beach so we laughed at the sign filled in with snow on the stairway.

The ice appeared safe with lots of footsteps preceding ours. We avoided the chunky ice because beyond that it was open water.

A dusting of snow covered the slick surface. Our boys (and the big one too) delighted in running and sliding while I was more hesitant.

Interesting driftwood.

Of course it was a bikeless day.

I'm not sure how these gorgeous chunks of ice got here.

Our youngest son pushed the block like a curling stone...or at least tried to.

Ahhh, pristine whiteness and pressure cracks.

The return trip along the slippery path.

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  1. Winter walks, warmed by the engine of your own motion, I do miss those a bit. This one with family, wandering along the shore, looks terrific.


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