Monday, January 2, 2012

Wacky Ride in a Hail Squall

I went out for a short ride on January 2nd even though the 35F weather promised to be interesting. It was 40F on New Years (it is winter, right?) so I knew any icy surfaces would've melted.

A quick jaunt to the waterfront. A bit of snow blanketed the sand.

Thick fog enveloped downtown. I headed that way and...

... ran into a wall of hail.Take a gander at this video clip - the conditions were too hilarious to pass up.

I hadn't been on my bike in two weeks. In fact I was pretty sure I was done for the winter. But this wacky weather means my bike will remain in the garage for easy access.


  1. Amazing video! When we get hail it seems to be heavier than this, thankfully it does not happen often. Summer in Oz is unseasonably cold this year which is a relief for us, so it is weird to read that your winter is so mild up there.

  2. Is that heading to town from the south end? I liked the feel there. Is there a background link thing on the Ross? Looks interesting from what little I see. Must have been a fun ride! Nice clip

  3. Herringbone - I see you are familiar with Burlington. Yes, it's coming from the south end. As for the Ross bike I posted on it lately as it's become my versatile around-town bike.


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