Friday, January 6, 2012

The Sweater Caper

On my way to the coffee shop this morning I passed by city hall to drop off bills in their outdoor mail slot. I was pleasantly surprised to find a "deer" friend wearing a sweater. It made me smile.

Yarn bombing has finally hit Burlington. As the snow begins to fall it's awfully nice to have some color in our landscape.

Apparently the buck donned ankle warmers at one time, but the sweater shows creative spirit. His garment looks tailor made, complete with pom pom on its collar. Okay, fess up, who did this marvelous deed?

Happy knitting!


  1. Its very tasteful indeed!

  2. Love it! That deer is rocking that sweater.

  3. Lovely! I can't wait for yarnbombing to come here, maybe I should start knitting for our winter, it is such a gorgeous way to enhance a public art work or bike rack. And thanks for adding me to your blogroll Annie, I just saw ....

  4. I discover a tiny bit on bike racks in the city sometimes and for some reason it warms my cockles and has me grinning at the sight of it! Yarnbombing is just a big, warm fuzzy!


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