Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Night Twinkles

First Night in Burlington is a festival of entertainment. My family went on ahead and attended a few shows while I stayed outside waiting for the Dragon Parade.

Pedestrian friendly Church Street was all a-glitter. Wet snow fell. Sparkling pavement reflections added to the ambiance.

Residents of the region have come to expect the glowing cement truck, adorned with millions of white lights. The bucket rotates continually. This is the same business that also has a pink cement mixer, supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.

Some hardy souls rode their bikes.

A bike towing a trailer advertised a radio station.

With the crowds it was difficult to capture the dragons, but I did my best. The parade is very slow as the dragons dance circles to entertain the spectators.

Some have glowing eyes.

After 5 dragons passed I grew cold and went inside for a few minutes. I tried to meet my family at the Flynn Theatre, but I missed them so I enjoyed a few minutes of fireworks before walking home.

Happy New Year.


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