Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fabric Happiness

I love fabric. Sometimes I am the recipient of wonderful, colorful scraps. The colors are so vibrant they take my breath away. I marry many textures and bold hues into baby quilts, catnip mats for family felines, and most recently into a handbag. It's my new tote.

Up close, notice the domino pattern. It's my favorite.

And who can refuse bicycle fabric?

It's full of mustaches, big noses, and baskets of produce - not to mention red bikes. I found this a few years ago and bought a yard. It's all cotton in loose weave - perfect for two dish towels.

Viva la bicyclette!


  1. Creatively giving life to scraps! Nice! They are dice,no? I like it as well. The swatch emphasizing the handles.

  2. Ah, it could be they are indeed dice. Very perceptive.


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