Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Socks I Love

I haven't been a huge proponent of wearing wool garments while on a bike, mainly because I own a lot of fleece. I love fleece for it's spectrum of colors, its washability, and, frankly, price. But when it comes to socks I'm a big fan of wool. I wear wool year-round, though a lighter style in the summer. It's breathable and nearly smell-proof even after repeated use. It's ideal for touring and, in a pinch, can also double as mittens.

A friend introduced me to the Darn Tough brand made here in Vermont. They are constructed of tightly woven fibers and are very durable. The short-ankle style is great for jogging or wearing under my cycling sandals.

The only downfall is they are expensive, ranging from 15.00-20.00 a pair so I often request them as gifts.

I discovered an alternative brand that perform equally well, Teko, from Sox Market. Because they are irregular, the cost is half, yet they are just as form-fitting as the Vermont brand.

Now I can afford many styles and colors of socks.

My toasty tootsies thank me!

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