Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miyata 610 Love

The Classic Miyata 610 Touring Bike post consistently ranks high in my stats. By doing some research and stumbling through bike repairs on my own Miyata, I've learned that this particular model is highly coveted by bike mechanics and other lovers of classic steel frames. I bought the bicycle for touring. I vacillated between a Univega of similar build - the Miyata's price fit my budget. Now I own a bike that's worth more than what I paid for it in 1983. Go figure.

The Miyata 610's banner years were from the mid-1980s when the lightweight steel frames made in Japan, and Shimano components were a bargain for a decent ride. I can attest to it's comfortable touring and road absorbing qualities.

There are lots of other beauties out there in various renditions, still ridden and loved. I wanted to share a few with you. If there are any that I've missed, send a photo and information and I'll add it here.

A cheery, cherry red. 1986. Neal Lerner.

Lean and clean. 1983. Flickr Hivemind.

I like the leather handlebar tape. Sportsgroups.

Touring in dry country. 1981. Sonofabike.

Nice mud guards. Velospace.

Made for hauling. Matt's Miyata. Ecovelo.

Flat bar love. 1984. Flickr.

Original condition. 1984 by BentDave.

Upright with a basket for baguettes. SDBikeCommuter.

Here's to all the Miyata 610s out there. May you have long and happy lives!


  1. Good info on a segment I'm not familiar with. Appreciate you sharing. In the "classic" post, I liked the sentimental aspects of the bike. I have items like that in my "sports" quiver that I cherish for the memories we've had together too. The baguette basket commuter looks sweet. Nice post.

  2. Thank you for these great photos. I have a 610, vintage 1986. It is in completely original condition, even has the original set of kevlar tires. Not pretty enough to show here, but nonetheless, I love it.

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    1. Ooo, I'm glad you found a regal beauty of your own. If you'd like to share a photo, send an e-mail. My address is in my profile, upper left.

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  4. I have a 610 I purchased new in 1981. I still remember walking into the bike shop and stopping and staring, it being the first time I had ever seen one. Black, all original condition except the tires. It's been in the garage for 20 years. I overhauled it this winter and now I'm waiting impatiently for the snow to melt so I can take it out on a voyage. Beautiful bikes, and I rode mine for several thousand miles before drifting into other things.

  5. A Miyata 912 (Road/Sport) was my first and still the best garage sale find bike ever. It was $25 bucks and needed some serious TLC which I gladly gave it. I have since passed it one but wish I had not, it was one smooth and lovely ride.


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