Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Burlington's Bikes

The sky was moody, spitting snow flakes. As I walked through the university campus, reveling in the student break quietness, I was struck by the late afternoon light and the dusting of whiteness on the abandoned bicycles.

I try not to take this desertion personally. It's hard to ignore sometimes though, especially if I spy a bike that I'd like to love...

The architecture on campus is stunning. My favorite buildings tower over the The Green, a 2 block by 1 block tree-filled park, high on the hill.

As I continued on I thought about how bikes can take on hidden personalities - just by their relation to structures. For example: this bike has congregationalist leanings.

Or, these bikes are well-read. (This is our city library.)

Nothing brain-full here. Just a parting shot on the Church Street pedestrian mall with lots of cheer and twinkles.

I hope you all had a festive holiday. Pedal on.

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  1. Great school and town, in so many ways. Enjoyed the story and pics!


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