Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is What 3,000 Miles Looks Like

35 F morning 
At approximately 3,000 miles.

Remarkably, I've already pedaled 3,000 miles in 2011. I'm not a bike computer fanatic, and ride all three bikes, so any mileage is estimated on the conservative side. For example, I know it's 22 miles round-trip to my workplace. Admittedly, the accomplishment seemed anti-climatic - I finished before the end of my work commuting season this year. The VerMontreal TripOttawa Adventure, and Bike Camping altogether added a whopping 500 miles.

During this last week of cycling to work, the mornings are downright chilly. Once I jogged beside the bike to jump start the circulation in my feet. But the skies have been a pretty blue; the air is clear; Canadian geese honk from the roadside cornfields. It's gorgeous!

Yesterday, I watched the sun go down like a crimson ball of fire as I raced the impending darkness. When I arrive home at 6:15 pm, I'm happy to have my bike lit up like a Christmas tree.

Last year when I stopped cycling to work, I had almost 300 more miles to go. I scrambled to squeeze in every 15 mile ride possible. Only with a break in the weather did I complete my goal. I purposely bought boots to extend my riding season.

I stopped this evening to pick up a celebratory treat: a blackberry pie. Bon appetit!

The pie fit nicely on my front rack.

Does anyone else keep track of yearly mileage?


  1. hey! that's fantastic! congrats on 3000 miles. i am impressed....and excellent stowage of the pie!

  2. Congrats Annie. I do and I don't. I have mixed feelings about tracking my mileage. It depends on my mood. There's no way I rode 3000 miles, so I'm extremely impressed and you're an inspiration.

  3. Congratulations! The pie was a fab idea, yum!


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