Saturday, November 19, 2011

This and That

Below are photos that didn't warrant an entire blog post, but are too good to tuck away. Enjoy.

Blogging at a cafe.

This is a keyhole cutout in the pillar of the Earth Clock. Do you think the heart shape was cut on purpose by a bored granite drillperson? Or is it a coincidence?

There has been a profusion of  SPEED HUMPs, replacing SPEED BUMPs  in Burlington and South Burlington. The humps are longer like a miniature plateau as opposed to the jolting quick up and down of a bump. The humps are fun on a bike, like riding a roller coaster. Of course, the humps and bumps (sounds like a dance) are there specifically to slow down cars, but I wonder what decides using one over the other. The photo below is in a residential section, prone to less traffic. I presume humps are easier for the snow plows to navigate. Then again, I tend to get carried away with semantics...

Lovely "fingery" shadows along the Island Line Trail.

Here's wishing all, a splendid day!


  1. I followed the link to read about speed humps, and also learned about speed cushions there. At first glance, they looked better for cyclists, as I imagined a traffic-calmed road with the main travel lanes with speed cushions, and either bike lanes or spacing between cushions for cyclists. But further online reading had me finding multiple stories about bumps humps or cushions being used to "calm" cyclist traffic in addition to cars(!) by spanning the whole roadway and NOT leaving room for bicycle tires. I quit reading, when it became so obvious that "residents concerned about speeding bicycles" really translates into "homeowners don't want to see cyclists", since there are no statistics I am aware of which would indicate that speeding cyclists are significant danger to anyone else as compared to speeding cars. I wonder why the image of happy, fit cyclists rolling smoothly down the road is so disturbing to residents.

  2. Sounds like a relaxing moment: considering the semantics of humps v bumps over coffee at a cafe... :)

  3. I live on a hill, and there are about 5 speed humps going down to my house. SO much fun to go flying down the hill over those! Though, if I go to fast they'll make my water bottle pop right out of it's cage.


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