Friday, November 18, 2011

Stone Stackers

High water last spring brutalized the Lake Champlain shoreline. This promontory used to be quite shady. Recently, the city removed the fallen trees, which all summer had reminded me of Pick-up sticks.

Up close, it's pretty ugly. On the bright side, cyclists and pedestrians are treated to sweeping water views.

And the stone stackers have come back. In 2009, during the 400th anniversary of Samuel Champlain's discovery of the lake, this rocky shore was graced with a multitude of elaborate stone sculptures. Whether these are constructed by the same artists, is anybody's guess.

The top stone is balanced perfectly.

A monument on elevated roots. (Poor trees...)

Incorporating beach debris.

"Y" are people creating these?

Maybe because they are a cheerful spot on a scarred shoreline...

I love these. If they make me smile, can you imagine how they affect others?

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