Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Route and using Map My Ride

60 F, periods of light rain

It's that time of year when we know our riding days are numbered, so my husband and I took advantage of a hour and a half of free time. Tired of our usual loops, we set out pedaling eastward for a change. It's a low traffic, urban route north of the Burlington airport, following the Winooski River basin. We linked Burlington, South Burlington, and Williston. I had forgotten how beautiful it is and though I didn't take any pictures (had to keep up with my faster bike date), I'll share some taken this past week.

Along the way, I made sure to show my partner Lou's Crossing.

I like this tractor collection.

Neighborhood trees.

Since our ride wasn't one we'd done before, I mapped the route on Map My Ride. I use this site whenever I need to gather mileage on a particular route. I keep track of yearly cumulative miles so, if I haven't a clue because we've been gabbing or it's hilly and may take longer, this way I can log more accurate data.

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