Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ferry to Ferry Ride

83 F, slight breeze

With the opening of the ferry crossing from Burlington to Port Kent, New York it's possible to ride some beautiful 50 mile loops along Lake Champlain. I went with three friends on the loveliest of Saturday mornings.

Aboard the Burlington to Port Kent ferry. One hour crossing.

The New York side can be quite hilly, but the roads are very quiet and often tree-lined, providing a respite from the sun.

After a lovely lunch on the outdoor patio of a restaurant, the remaining miles to the Essex ferry were past huge stone walls, an 1812 cemetery, lovely gentlemen farms, and renovated stone and brick farmhouses - almost all on a gentle downhill grade. Wealth poured into this area, unlike other struggling small communities on the New York side of the lake.

Ferry crossing from Essex, NY to Charlotte, VT. 20 minutes.

With the ride half over, we crossed to the Vermont side, climbing up and down more hills until heading northward towards Burlington. Conversation turned toward food as we realized we were all "foodies" - one of our group is an amazing Italian cook. I can personally attest to her delicious cannolis.

After such a successful and fun trip, I look forward to another ferry to ferry ride, this time on a more southward loop.


  1. I'm putting this ride on my list. Sounds lovely.

  2. I hope u enjoyed a lot with ferry ride in your travel


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