Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dog Days of Summer, Maple Creemees

We spend summer weekends at our family's camp on the lake. It's only 6 miles from home, but a world away from traffic, sirens, and the bustle of downtown Burlington. The solitude is lovely. For a while.

I can only read so much or help out with projects around camp to a certain point. I get antsy and set out on  a ride. My oldest son agreed to go with me if we could put our bikes on the bus for the steep 4 block uphill to the Church Street Marketplace.

After an errand and lunch at City Market we cruised downhill for the 4 mile ride back to camp. Later in the afternoon when the heat of the day becomes unbearable, we dip in the lake to cool off then set out as a family for the two mile pedal to get maple creemees.

Photo credit: Andy Gimino

Ahhh, lick, lick, lick. There isn't much conversation as we devour the delightful dessert. I always laugh at how fast my husband eats his. In his amazing speed lick fashion, there isn't time for the creemee to seep into the bottom of the cone! He detests the cardboard taste and throws that part in the trash.

Then it's meandering back to the lake, pedaling on dirt diversions through the woods, and eventually arrive at camp. Soon it's happy hour and I relax on the deck with sangria.


  1. It's cold, dark and rainy here in Vancouver, and its suppose to stay like this until next Monday (lets hope they are wrong!) I'd do anything to be able to sit outside with an ice-cream cone, or enjoying a cool drink on the porch letting the afternoon slowly pass.. Enjoy, your summer day looks great!

  2. I could almost take a bite out of that maple cremee and a sip out of that sangria. Way to stay cool - enjoy!


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