Sunday, June 12, 2011

VerMontreal - Day 4

On our last day in Montreal our group merged with two other VerMontreal tours, totaling 140 people. Most riders attended the famed Tour de L'ile while some followed my alternative tour of Montreal's paths.

 A small group meets in front of the hotel after the mass of riders has left.

We set off north across the island, following a map of bike trails. A quick side trip to sample at the Jean Talon market, then travel through northern neighborhoods, over wooden bridges. 

I made a couple wrong turns, but folks are usually agreeable to a bit of exploration. And I had to (unfortunately) hold an impromptu flat repair clinic because yours-truly had a flat on the return trip. Thank you, Pierre, for your added input and help.

After 20-25 miles we got back to the hotel and took showers.

Some had already returned from the Tour de L'le and were rehydrating on the outdoor patio...

and eating these yummy baguette sandwiches.

Think roasted eggplant, chicken with a spicy mayonnaise, and croissants
It was really easy to just keep eating after 4 days of wonderful cycling.

The tough pedaling of day one was only a distant memory.

And it was difficult to think about returning home.

But home we must go.

We made some new friends.

There is always VerMontreal next year!

I enjoyed meeting all of you, especially Lindy the wonder and Barb the younger. What great smiles.

Happy Cycling.


  1. WOW Such enjoyment following this trip you had. Great pics indeed! I just have to put a visit to Canada on my list.
    Thanks for sharing with us! :-))

  2. This looked like a great trip! I would like to try it one day myself.


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