Thursday, June 23, 2011


As I rode home in the light rain yesterday I spied a worm on my frame. Yuck. I would spend time in the garage wiping down my bike and re-oiling the chain. I started thinking about how different my husband and I are with bike cleanliness. His only bike is always a mess, with the rims a perpetual dark grey, while I own three bikes and are pretty fastidious about each one.

My bike mess.
I can't say my house is pristine. In fact, my hubby is way more clean when it comes to the kitchen, the laundry, and the lawn. He is a perpetual working whirlwind, always at one project or another. If he wants a dirty bike then that's his prerogative.

Grease, dirt and wet rims. This is the perpetual state of my husband's bike.

I haven't always been this particular about my bikes. I believe it stems from having to hoist my bike on and off our car's rack and getting tired of having greasy hands or even a grime covered shirt. Now I don't have to worry about it anymore.

How fastidious are you about your bicycles?

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