Friday, April 15, 2011

Slideshows at The Spot

Among all the wonderful restaurants in Burlington there is one fun and funky place called The Spot. It's a neighborhood restaurant serving good food in a renovated garage. As you can see it retains the same look - part of it's appeal. They also have a pull-down screen, convenient for hosting presentations. Bike racks overflow on Local Motion's Travel Talk series evenings, held six times this winter/spring.

Thursday night's entertainment was Ross Guberman's two months of cycling in Japan. Ross's wanderlust began in the Peace Corp, then touring Europe, and onto the Japanese Islands. His wonderfully interesting and down to earth encounter with the culture and surviving a typhoon held a rapt audience. I'm sure there will be more travels in Ross's future.


  1. Thanks for bringing the fam to The Spot last night, Annie! Ross did a fantastic job taking us along for the ride. His nuanced observations were wonderful.

  2. Ross's adventure had its high spots and lows, like any bike adventure, and he portrayed this very well. His commentary was a delicious treat. I wanted more!


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