Monday, April 11, 2011

A Colorful Girly Pannier

As many of you know I like to reuse items when I can. My latest venture delves into reusing old Lone Peak pannier hardware, favorite fabric, and odds and ends of buckles that I've collected over the years. I wanted to create a fashionable pannier/bag that functions like a pannier, yet looks like a bag when slung over the shoulder.

I like the look of it on my bike. Because it's long and not wide there is plenty of heal clearance.

The back lifts to expose the Lone Peak clip system through sewn button holes. I've always liked how the top knob folds over to cinch the pannier securely to the rack tubing. Inside, I reused Lone Peak's internal plastic stiffener, but encased in coordinating flowered fabric to give it pizzazz.

At the bottom of the bag I sewed a webbed cinch strap. This also has a plastic piece with a hole that can attach to the base of the rack if needed.

Off the bike I can flip the red fabric down, secured with hook and loop (Velcro) to cover the rack attachment. I carry the bag using the black handle...

or sling it over my shoulder. The long strap tucks inside the pannier when on the bike.

I've always loved to sew and create things. I purchased the tan sling bag from Michael's craft store because I liked the style, color, and satin lining and could not locate the type I wanted from a second hand store. The flowered fabric is from a tablecloth; the red upholstery fabric is from ReStore (local re-use place) for 50 cents. The bicycle button comes from an old handbag that I no longer use - it is sweet!

This pannier should be ideal for short trips to the coffee shop or library.The stability and functionality have yet to be tested. This bag won't replace my sturdy Overland panniers or the smaller Nashbar black ones that I use to commute to work. This pannier is certainly one-of-a-kind and just plain fun - definitely a nice addition to the girly bike.


  1. I love that button! What a perfect little bag - you are so talented. You should put some of your items up on Etsy.

  2. Nice bag! I love convertible panniers/bags, especially when they don't look conspicuously like panniers. I agree with Sue, you are bound for Etsy greatness!


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