Monday, February 21, 2011

A Brief Reprieve

Ice on the lake

 Last Friday the temperature soared into the 50's. I wheeled my bike off our porch and decided to ride to the YMCA for my regular swim routine. But as I pedaled, the warm fresh air, the dry pavement, and the lure of Lake Champlain overrode any possibility of  going inside. I needed to be next to a vast space again—the lake always fills that void—even if it was still a mass of ice. Also, winter in Vermont is fickle and I know when to take advantage of a beautiful day.

Abandoned bicycles

With three colleges in our city, it's inevitable to see many abandoned bikes sprouting from the snowbanks like bones from an archaeological dig. Sadly, neglect and snow plow injuries leave these bicycles less than desirable after months in the snow.

Still testing my leg, the 4 miles seemed okay and the granny gear eased the strenuous journey from lake level back to my home. And most especially, the warmth and sunshine did wonders for my soul.

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