Monday, December 6, 2010

The Simple Way to Reuse a Nice Bag

I use an old handlebar bag plastic stiffener
on the inside to retain the bag's shape.

This bag is another of my repurposed creations and fits nicely between the mustache handlebars on my Miyata. The bag is made of cordura with multiple pockets, leather top handle and zipper pulls, and has a long shoulder strap that can be tucked away in a pocket while on the bike. As soon as I spied this at the Salvation Army store I knew how I was going to use it.

I sewed dark colored velcro-type loops on the back side to secure the bag to the handlebar. The bag becomes a place to stash your valuables, snacks, a light weight jacket, etc. I've even used this bag for walking around New York City because the attachments blend in with the overall look of the bag.

Just think of all the unused but strong bags that can be retrofitted for the bicycle!

I was able to place the bag in my sewing machine to fasten
the velcro, but you could just as easily
 sew the strips on by hand.

Notice that the bag is held away from the
bike by the reflector.

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