Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome to Annie Bikes

Welcome to my bike ramblings. I live and breathe bicycles—much to my family's dismay—so this is the reason for my blog. I am a commuter, tourer, and love to do errands by bike. I hope other bike fanatics will appreciate my musings, and better yet, comments are always welcome.

I own three bikes; the one here is a Ross Mt. St. Helens from 1984 or 1985. It's "girly style" or split frame, is as heavy as a tank, and riding it is the best work out. It was a garage sale find. I added fenders, leather hand grips, toeclips, a rear rack, and a front basket. It's my main errand bike, and can haul anything from paint cans to groceries. A friend of mine in Oregon has the men's version of this bike, also with the same distinctive kelly green handlebars.

I went to a wedding last weekend and had some free hours between the service and reception. It was one of those awesome autumn days where the crisp air and clear day lent itself to a cruise along our waterfront bike path. The foliage was peak and I stopped and took lots of photos. With a clear view across the lake to New York, the day was a beautiful gift.
Burlington's waterfront bike path

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